Stroked Recoil SystemThe 1911/2011 pattern guns have a two part recoil impulse. One when the bullet leaves the barrel, equal and opposite reaction, and second, when the slide charges back and hits the guide rod head hitting the frame. The second action is what causes muzzle rise and sight jitters. We have moved the point where they hit further back to make better use of the recoil system, soften recoil and reduce sight jitters.

Sleeved BarrelsOld school 1911 comes with a standard barrel and a bushing. Then came the bull barrels. At Akai, we have married the two concepts by adding a sleeve to the highest quality standard barrels available and making them into bull barrels. This allows us to maintain much tighter tolerances for a perfect fit. It also allows us to experiment with different metals, different weights, in order to change the characteristics of the gun.
Oversized Sleeved BarrelsTaking the concept of sleeved barrels even further, we bore out the slide to 0.750 diameter, instead of the regular 0.700 diameter, and fit a much larger sleeve on the barrel.

This, again, allows use to improve the characteristics of the gun by changing the weight distribution even further. The addition of Tungsten, for example, makes for a much heavier barrel, while making the slide, the reciprocating weight, much lighter.

Akai CompensatorThe Akai compensator is like no other currently offered. Instead of trying to control down force, like a conventional compensator, the Akai comp drastically reduces recoil and stabilizes the gun. It is more of a muzzle brake than a compensator. A large expansion chamber and "fins" that point back allow gasses to stabilize and pull the gun forward.
V Hole PatternOne of the main concerns with any open gun is the ability to see the target even when hot gasses and flashes of light distract the shooter. By placing the control holes in a V shape, we reduce the amount of concussion and clear the view for the shooter.
Innovative CutsA lot of thought goes into our choice of cuts. As much as we try to be as aesthetic as possible, the cuts have to serve a function, not just look good.

Better grip on the slide, correct weight distribution and integrity of the slide are all a consideration.

Weight DistributionTaking weight off the front of the slide is a very easy task, but it leaves the slide unbalanced and that causes muzzle flip.

We do our best to maintain slide balance by removing the correct amount of weight.